Lamp House
Cold uv lamp house

DPL Pattern Design Cold UV lamp house

Compared with other UV lamp house in the market, DPL pattern design lamphouse is specially designed for Cold UV curing system. It helps improving curing temperature and the lamp's lifetime.

Cold UV Curing Temperature

UV lamp output includes 60% IR energy, a normal metal reflector reflects IR energy out of the lamp head/house, and heat up the touch temperature between your base material and lamp head. Every DPL cold uv lamp head/house is equipped with the specially coated reflector, which can absorb 90% IR from your lamp and transfer to the chilling system, so the surface temperature of your printing material is the only 5-10C degree higher than your environment temp.

High UV Energy Output Efficiency

As you know that, more than 60% output of UV lamp is only IR, means you can only get 80w/cm UV energy even from a 200w/cm UV lamp. All DPL lamp head/house use "Energy Focus" design.The output UV energy will be focused into a narrow line about 5-10mm width through your web way, which can increase curing efficiency by 30% up.

Multi-input Lamp Source and Chilling Source

DPL UV Lamp head/house is equipped with multi-channels, so our clients can use water chilling as the basic chilling source, but when they print or coat on the thermally sensitive material, they also can use "chilling air input/out" port in our lamp head. Chilling air input/output channel is also suitable for Nitrogen air solution.

Ozone Free

High concentrations of ozone near ground level can be harmful to people, animals, crops, and other materials. Ozone can irritate your respiratory system, causing you to start coughing, feel an irritation in your throat and/or experience an uncomfortable sensation in your chest.

With our patent design of UV lamp house, DPL UV curing system is a "Ozone free" system,our client dont need install expensive "ozone exhaust" system, their worker can work in a clean "Ozone free " production.

UV Curing Width


UV Lamp House Width


UV Lamp House Size ( W xH xL)

95x 16mm x (500-1998mm)


up to 240w/cm