Graphic Print

In Graphic Printing business, DPL UV LED curing system help our clients to solve their production problems: different types of base material - paper or plastic film, short timejob or mass job.


DPL small size lamp house with Integrated control system is easy to be installed in different machines.


Offset Press- Sheet to Sheet


DPL EasycureTM UV System for Heidberg Speedmaster


Curing Width: 535mm

Offset Press - Roll to Roll


DPL EasycureTM UV system for Goebel Press


Cure width: 535mm

Gravure Press - Roll to Roll


DPL EasycureTM UV system for Gravure Printing Machine


Cure width: 1300mm

Principle of Offset


Offset printing is the most common industrial printing technique by transferring the inked image from a plate to a rubber blanket, and finally to the printing surface.


The printed image is separated in the four primary colours CMYK + spot colours.


Each colour is printed separately in different units and the superposition of the different colours reproduces the image.


For the graphic industry, the material is commonly white film, paper and card board sheets .


Advantages of the process:


  • High image quality with sharp & clean images
  • Fine printing result for textile and picture
  • Value of color effect
  • Special finishing effect by spot UV technology

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