What is UV recombination machine

UV recombination machine is on the base of UV Casting technology with high accuracy position control system. UV casting technology has been long in use as a method of producing high fidelity replication of image on new substrate. UV recombination machine use UV lacquer containing monomers, photo initiator and release agents. UV lacquer will be applied to the substrate and the surface to be copied is impressed into lacquer layer. UV lacquer fills the surface relief patterns of the original image and than cured by UV light. The monomers in the resin are cross linked while UV lacquer is in contact with the surface relief pattern of the original surface. The surface release agents in UV lacquer allow the pieces to be separated and the image is thus transferred to the new substrate.


How does it work?


The machine include one nip system and UV curing system. The construction of UV lamp assembly in conjunction with speed setting and switch on-off. Image creation provide to tile, drop in or make a array of various types of surface relief profiles.


The types of profiles that can be transferred and recombined with this machine include:

Diffracting structures with modulation depth of about 1mic such as holograms, diffraction patterns, kilograms, and Fresnel zone plates.

Refracting structures with a modulation depth of about 50mic such as diffusers, micro lens arrays, micro prisms and Fresnel lens.

Sub wavelength structures as moth eye type anti-reflection coatings, polarisers and zero order type color filters.



  • specification

Max Shim size


Shim Material

PET Film or PC film

Curing speed:


Curing system


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