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UV LED Lamp curing technology is fast developing for graphic printing and coating industry. Industrial Curing processes are complex requiring lots of experience and know-how. UV LED curing technology provides a more consistent and reliable process without damaging or discolouring heat-sensitive components.

DPL UV LED Curing system is base on the latest UV LED technology, which combines with a high-effective and smart construction ensure a stable and perfect curing quality for different types of coating, printing, bonding application.

What is DPL UV LED Technology?

  • High energy output: up to 26w/cm2

DPL UV LED curing system provide high and constant UV output to reach your request for different applications. DPL UV LED system can easy reach energy output up to 650mj/cm2 by100m/mi, Peak energy more than 24-26w/cm2.

  • UV LED Lamp with Multi-wavelength output:

Compared with general Mercury Lamp, normal LED can only provide a very narrow band. See the left side figure, which compare the output of a multi-wavelength( 365nm-410nm)UV LED lamp with traditional mercury lamp. At the same wavelength 365nm,DPL UV LED lamp can output much more energy than traditional mercury lamp, meansDPL UV LED lamp can provide more high energy output in UV-A range.

DPL LED wavelength

  • High-Efficiency Energy Output

DPL LED curing system use the latest LED technology on LED chip combination to reach high Joule Energy (DOSIS Energy), so it can easily cure UV ink in UVA range instead of single-wavelength LED ink. According to our client’s ink performance, DPL LED Curing system can setup different output energy at a different wavelength.

  • Long lifetime: >20.000h

With our high-effective water chilling construction, DPL LED curing system keep the low temperature even at power at 26w/cm2. DPL cooling system optimizes the heat extraction from the LED chip, which provide surface printing temperature lower than 40oC. Low temperature also reduces wastage and rejects with heat-sensitive substrates.

  • “Plug & Play” smart system

DPL LED Curing system is a smart system with “plug &play” design, easy to operate and  suitable to install in existing machine

Peak Wavelength

combination 365-385-395-410nm

Peak Energy Output

up to 26w/cm2

Array Width/Length

50mm up to 3000mm

Lamp Dimensions

60mm x100mm xLength

Power Control Range

0-100% with instant on-off

Expected Working Life

>20.000 Hours

Control System

Integrated PLC

Cooling System

Closed Loop Water With Automatic Flow Control