Speedy Ink Testing System

What is UV LED INK testing system?

LED curing technology offers many benefits over traditional Mercury UV curing, such as lower operating costs and No stand by time and No ozone exhaust risks, the only problem for LED curing is the wavelength. Compared with mercury UV curing, LED curing system will provide much more energy at a single wavelength, such as 365nm,395nm, but Mercury UV curing system provides a “curing area” from UVB to UVA, which is more suitable for current ink system. So it becomes more important to our clients test their LED ink before they decide to invest LED curing system for their printing or coating machine.

How does DPL UV LED INK Testing system work?

Compared with other suppliers in the market,  SpeedyTM use sliding block carry ink sample or radiation meter by Linear Motion system with servo driver +Integrated PLC control to reach precision measurement at speed from 4-300m/min. Our clients set testing speed and UV Energy on the Touch screen, Sliding block with ink sample run automatically at the setup speed when it passes the curing area, in the meanwhile lamp will be automatic reach the setup energy. After curing, the sample will be automatic return back to the start position. SpeedyTM provides a reel-time picture for your curing result same as your printing machines.

Why DPL UV LED INK Testing system?

- High speed: up to 300m/min

- Easy switch Multi-light source: UV Lamp or LED Lamp

- Easy switch Multi-wave length: 365~410nm


LED Curing Area: 82x60mm or up to client’s request

Peak Wavelength: combination 365-385-395-410nm

Peak Energy Output: up to 26w/cm2

Traditional UV curing (optional):100mm

Speed control: automatic, from 4-300m/min

Control System: Integrated PLC

Power Control Range: 0-100% with instant on-off

Cooling System: closed-loop water chilling with automatic flow control

Certifications: CE,UL…

Optional: LED or UV radiation test system - EIT LED-R

What is High-speed UV LED ink?

High-speed UV LED Ink is the most important fact affect your printing quality and efficiency.  Well-formulated inks ensure continued print quality, system uptime reliability, and high productivity without user intervention.

What is UV LED ink?

Compared with traditional UV ink, UV LED inks only active for a typical wavelength. Because of the special consideration of photoinitiators and pigments

in the ink formulation, which only matches the spectral output of

the LED lamps. These special photoinitiators absorb at a higher

wavelength as opposed to traditional photoinitiators and are

typically more expensive. The spectral output of a LED lamp to

cure UV LED inks is very narrow, 365 – 405 nm, as compared to

a UV mercury system which operates from 200 – 700 nm range.

How does high-speed UV LED ink work?

Compared with a traditional UV lamp, UV LED lamp only active on a typical wavelength. However,  it doesn’t mean UV LED ink need less UV energy for curing. You can see from the following picture of our UV LED Ink testing report, good DOSIS energy will help for improving curing speed and quality. Therefore, we have confidence that even use the same UV LED ink, DPL high power UV LED curing system can cure faster and better.