Although our products are highly reliable build for industrial use, they might need some maintenance service every now and then. Some of the regular jobs should be done by the end-user, and you can find a description here:

UV LAMPS: Standard mercury UV lamps have an acceptable UV output for about 2000 hours, and iron-doped UV lamps will run for about 1000 hours. After this time you can expect decrees in output at about 25-30%, and the UV lamp must be changed. Do not touch the UV lamps with your bare hands, and avoid any contact with grease and oil. Clean with alcohol or a “wet tissue”.

COOLING SYSTEM:  Maintaining the cooling system is extremely important for UV Curing system. DPL UV lamp heads are water-cooled, and any interruption in the water flow might cause serious damage to the UV reflectors. Clean the filter in the cooling machine regularly. Tap water must be treated with an “inhibitor” to reduce the oxygen in the water, which will damage the aluminium piping. We recommend the use of Havoline Xli/Xlc, a coolant made by Arteco, but many other brands are available.

UV REFLECTORS: The reflectors are coated with a ceramic material letting the heat pass and reflecting the UV-light. Over time they become Matt and grey preventing the reflection of the UV curing system energy. To clean UV reflector using a cloth with alcohol or a “wet tissue”. The same as for the UV lamps, do not touch UV reflector with your hands.

UV LAMP WINDOW: It is very important that the bottom window in the UV lamp head is clean and clear. In some print stations, stains of ink find its way to the glass, preventing the proper curing of the printed material. The UV lamp head window is made of quartz glass, it is very hard and you can clean it with a 3M sponge and alcohol.

UV BALLASTS: All the ballasts we are using has built-in ventilators. Make sure they are turning around, and clean the filters and grid in front of these ventilators, to make sure to have good airflow.

If you need any spare parts, DPL has a well-assorted stock of the most common parts of our UV Curing system, which can be shipped within 24 hours. Please contact us for a quotation. You can find our price list under downloads. Here you will also find other useful documents, and if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

If any doubt, please call +45 4733 9810 and ask our technical team.