UV Embossing Machine for Micro/Nanostructure

                               Master Design Service

We provides turn-key solution covering the graphic design and multi-channel  security features. 

1. two-channel achromatic effect
2. microtext:texts invisible to the naked eye, font height 20-80 µm
3. nanotekst: extremely small texts, font height below 20 µm
4. achromatic effect :reproduction of white color in the hologram, devoid of the rainbow effect, possible due to the complex image microstructure
5. 2D / 3D effect: reproduction of a multi-faceted image with maximum depth of field
6. 3D effect: three-dimensional elements contained in the structure of the hologram
7. high frequency effect:element invisible when you look at the hologram, the color of the element is visible at a specific angle of view
8. multi-channel effect (flip-flop): including two different images in one place of the hologram, individual images visible after changing the viewing angle
9. kinematic effects: affect image dynamics, enable the simulation of object movement
10. plastic effect:giving the element convexity features, depending on the lighting, the object is colored or achromatic
11. lens effect: images imitate the lens, allow you to make elements that are easy to identify and optically interesting
12. hidden character (cryptogram): information hidden in the structure of the hologram, possible to observe using an external reader

What is UV LED Embossing?

Also known as UV LED embossing machine, it’s a kind of micro embossing technology, which can create rich, high gloss holographic or optical effects on a variety of substrates in both sheetfed and web. Base substrate film passes through a cylinder which already has the holographic or optical feature. When this film nip with cylinder, the holographic or optical construction will be embossed into UV lacquer on the surface of base substrates.  After the cure system, the holographic or optical feature will be stable on the surface of base substrates. Embossing feature is available in a variety of hologram patterns, 3D lens, optical refect feature or micro and nano- feature.

What is different between UV Embossing and UV Cast&cure?

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The main difference between nickel master and cast film, it's cast film cannot provide "deep solution" hologram feature. It means most UV LED Cast cure process only be used as "decoration".

DPL nanofabrication

DPL -UV200 UV LED Embosser for Laboratory

Compared with the complex and expensive process of embossing production, DPL specially designed this machine for laboratory application, so that our clients can study and research this process before they invest big money into this business.

DPL-UV200 is a desktop system, which can create different types of optical, holographic or texture feature on film or paper. According to your budget, our client can choose from a manual version to small production version.

dpl uv embosser

Wide web UV EMBOSSER for Micro/Nanostructure film

The frame construction is a precision-engineered that enables to meet customer’s high requirement on micro/nanostructure fabrication


The main loop control system included driving motors and tension dancing roller to reach the specific control of tension, coating surface, film shrinking or damage in the process. High accuracy reserve coating method can reach the client’s high requirement on coating weight and uniform. Specially treated coating cylinder can work on different UV material.

dpl uv embosser