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  • The specialist of UV LED Curing technology

In the past 20 years, DPL has not only to maintain the production of high-quality Easycure TM Cold UV Curing System but also established a technical bond with our clients by sharing our experience on Ultraviolet printing, coatings, and adhesives bonding onto wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper. From our lab to our clients' factories, our specialist helps them to solve the production challenges by adopting the latest advances in UV technology.



  • High-power UV LED curing system with latest LED Curing technology

In 2015, DPL announced EasycureTM LED Curing system with high energy output. DPL LED Curing system is base on the latest LED technology, which combines with a high effective and smart construction ensure a stable and perfect curing quality for different types of UV coating, UV printing, UV bonding application.


5 YEARS Warranty for our UV LED lamphouse

QUALITY MEANS EVERYTHING TO US.DPL are much more than just products, we also share our experience on UV curing printing, UV coating, and UV bonding onto wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper products. We sold more than 3000 sets of UV curing system to our clients in the world.


Tips for UV LED Curing process


UV inks are typically very thick. Although lower viscosities are available, UV inks generally range from 1000-5000 centipoise (as compared with water-based inks in the vicinity of 100 centipoises).Therefore, a right UV curing lamp is one of the most important fact that all printers have to be considered.



As you know that, more than 60% output of UV lamp is IR (heating), means you can only get 80w/cm UV energy output even from a 200w/cm UV lamp, if the lamp doesn't have any special treatment.



  • Cold Mirror reflector coating technology
  • Hot Mirror Coating technology for bottom window
  • Focus Lens technology


UV curing system made by DPL

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