UV LED CURING Technology for Organic Electronic Product

UV LED Curing technology is more and more used for organic electronic product like touch screen.


The touchscreen market continues to growing and uses include smart phones, tablets, eBook readers, mobile game consoles, and in-car navigation systems. Asia-Pacific is the largest and fastest growing regional market for touchscreen manufacturing.


A touchscreen display is an assembly of many different layers, such as the liquid crystal display (LCD) or organic light emitting diode (OLED), glass, conductive and non-conductive layers, and a protective flexible layer. Each of these layers needs a liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) to provide a strong bond, a protective seal from moisture, and desirable optical properties while withstanding sunlight.


UV LED-curable adhesive formulations are typically acrylic or epoxy cured at 365 nm, and deliver excellent optical properties such as light transmission, reduced reflections, anti-fogging, and impact and scratch resistance. They are easy to dispense and provide high flexibility without shrinkage or tension between layers, which could cause image distortion.


The manufacture of LCD and OLED displays also uses UV LED curing prior to assembly into a touchscreen. The low heat and on-demand curing using UV LED lamps is especially advantageous for preventing damage to sensitive components and delivering a consistent, high-speed process. One specific application is the edge sealing of OLEDs, which uses an epoxy resin and spot-curing UV LED system to deliver a precise and efficient cure that effectively seals out moisture. UV LED curing offers many benefits to electronics manufacturing, most notably improved yield, process stability and better adhesion.


What is important for UV LED Curing technology for electronic products?


  • High Uniformity of UV energy output


Compared with normal UV curing system,DPL UnicureTM UV System with specially designed high uniformity UV energy output system can reach high quality request for Touch Screen or IT electric component UV bonding process.


With special light trap, DPL UnicureTM lamp head/house will eliminate UV light source disturbance of the linearity, so UV output uniformity can reach more than 90%.

  • Loweer UV curing temeperature with higher UV energy output


DPL Easycure Cold UV curing system




DPL UnicureTM UV System for Touch Screen Coating


Curing Width: 870mm

DPL UnicureTM UV System for Touch Screen Coating


Curing Width: 870mm

DPL UnicureTM UV System for PAD Printing


Curing Width: 100mm

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