Cold UV Curing System

Cold UV Curing System

DPL Cold UV curing system is much more than just products. In the past 20 years, DPL is focus on researching and developing cold UV curing to help our clients improving their printing speed and quality.


we also share our experience on UV curing printing, UV coating, and UV bonding onto wood, glass, metal, plastic and paper products. We sold more than 3000 sets of UV curing system to our clients in the world.


Why need Cold UV curing system?

Compared with other heating method,, reducing UV curing temperature can help improving printing quality. Cold UV curing temperature can also help improving UV lamp bulb ‘s working lifetime. By our pattern design lamphouse, the general lifetime of our UV lamp bulb is over 2000 to 3000hours. On the other way, the lower curing temperature is good for curing UV lacquer on the thermal sensitive material. For example, even for printing base film as PET film, lower curing temperature will help improving printing accuracy.


Feature of DPL Cold UV curing system:


All DPL UV lamps are built in our pattern designed lamp house, which uses special heat absorb coating reflector. These kinds of reflector can absorb 90% of IR caused by lamp lighting, and transfer heating to the cooling system, so DPL lamp provides very low curing temperature.


  • Higher-efficiency UV Energy Output


  • Better Uniforminty

DPL UV lamps provide high uniformity for UV energy output, some of our special design lamp can reach more than 90% for all curing area.


  • Plug & Play integrated system

DPL UV curing system use "Plug & Play" design, which is very easily to be installed. A complete system includes 1 set of UV lamp head/house, 1 set of Ballast with a control unit, 1 set of Integrated PLC system with touch screen, which shows all lamp working information. Click the following pictures for more information.


DPL UV LED Curing system

DPL Cold UV curing system include:

DPL Pattern designed Lamp house/lamp head is the key technology of Cold UV curing system. The construction of lamp house not only reduce the UV curing temperature but also improve UV energy output efficiency.

Lamp House

DPL Easycure Cold UV curing system


DPL ballast

Control System

DPL control system

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