Holographic Master Design

Holographic master origination processes to make nickel master which made in master origination laboratory by master shooting system, advanced laser optics, and photosensitive glass. The holographic image is recorded onto photosensitive glass through master shooting system and coat the photosensitive glass with silver layer from the electroforming process to convert holographic image into nickel master.

We offer our clients a wide range of Hologram Master Origination, which is designed and manufactured by our team of professionals. They are effective solution against the elevating problems of counterfeit activities.

2D / 3D Holograms:
2D/3D holograms can be produced with two or three levels of depth and are ideal for corporate identity items. They are generated from conventional Line artwork and give spatial effects with vibrant colour changes.

3D Holograms:
Laser originated from models, still life objects or living subjects, they give full depth renderings of products, popular icons (e.g. Cartoon characters, religious figures) symbols, logos, campaign mascots, rare artefacts etc.

Dot Matrix Holograms- The holographic image is made up of a series of dots and pixels. Each pixel or dot can diffract coloured light at a different angle. The image seems to be kinetic as it is moved and different regions of the image are illuminated. This is probably the fastest-growing use of holography today. Images made with this technique can be seen in any lighting conditions. Multi-layered and 3-dimensional effects are now possible.

E -Beam Hologram:
An e-beam technology is based on synthesizing of microrelief with specified parameters by electronic beam, which can be focused in a spot with a few nanometer sizes. Calculation of micro-relief parameters by synthesizing of the image in optical range makes the e-beam technology as a purely digital task. The e-beam technology occupies a particular place among other hologram’s recording technologies due to the following reasons:

The e-beam technology resolution is two orders of magnitude higher than the resolution of optical recording systems.

E-beam origination allows getting micro texts up to few micron heights, high-resolution elements and other features beyond the reach of optical recording method.

E-beam equipment is high tech and expensive one requiring substantial intellectual investments in consequence of that limited number of holographic companies in the world is capable to produce up-to-date e-beam originals.

The hologram can display two images from the different viewing angle. Viewing from a different angle, you will see different Logo in the label.

True Color Hologram- Hologram is made up of photographic quality art-work. If duplicator can’t get the original photo; they can’t duplicate hologram close to the original one. The security effect and out looking are outstanding.

Kinectic Movement:
When you view this kind of hologram, you will see the kinetic movement, such as zooming in (out), with our special digital hologram technologies and 2D/3D technologies, customized logo or graph can be incorporated into the holo-patterns.

Micro Text Or Image In Hologram: 
Micro text or micro image in hologram is difficult to be seen clearly by the naked eye. Security message can be incorporated as a Micro text within the design of the hologram and are viewable under a microscope.

E-beam-Hidden text or image feature contains unique images or text, invisible to be the naked eye and detectable by means of a pocket laser reader. E-beam hidden text just can be seen with a special laser pointer.

Holographic Wallpaper Design