What is UV LED Embossing?


Also known as UV LED moduleing machine, it’s a kind of microembossing technology, which can creates rich, high gloss holographic or optical effects on a variety of substrates in both sheet fed and web. Base substrate film pass through a cylinder which already have holographic or optical feature. When this film nip with cylinder,, the holographic or optical construction will be embossed into UV lacquer on the surface of base substrates. After cure system, the holographic or optical feature will be stable on the surface of base substrates. Embossing feature are available in a variety of hologram patterns, 3D lens, optical refect feature or micro and nano- feature.



What is different between UV Embossing and UV Cast&cure?

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The main different between nickel master and cast film, it's cast film cannot provide "deep solution" hologram feature. It means most UV LED Cast cure process only be used as "decoration".




Base Film

PET Film:12-250mic

Coating width


Embossing speed:


Un-winder/re-winder Diameter


Tension control


Curing system


DPL -UV200 UV LED Embosser for Laboratory

Compared with the complex and expensive process of embossing production, DPL specially designed this machine for laboratory application, so that our clients can study and research this process before they invest big money into this business.


DPL-UV200 is a desktop system, which can create different type of optical, holographic or texture feature on film or paper. According to your budget, our client can choose from a manual version to small production version.





Why DPL UV LED Technology?

  • DPL Pattern Cold UV Lamphouse construction

DPL Super wide Cold UV curing lamp at 2000mm with specially coated reflector and our pattern design on lamp construction. For example, from the top to two side frame of lamphouse, there is UV radiation refect coating. When UV lamp is on, these coating layers will reflect light to the bottom quartz window. Quartz window has very high UV transmission, means more than 95% UV light will pass throw. In order to reduce production cost, there are many manufacturers use the cheap reflector or even don’t use specially coated UV reflector. But as you know, more than 60% light energy of UV lamp is IR. The problem of IR is to dry the solvent or water-based content inside of UV Ink or lacquer. The Result is the outside of ink is dry, but inside ink cannot be dried. Because the dried top side is too hard to go throw.


  • Latest UV LED Curing Technology

Compared with the normal UV embossing machine, our machine use the latest UV LED Curing technology, to improve the embossing quality and speed. When UV Light pass through the basic PET film, most UV energy cannot go through PET Film.With our own design UV LED module, our lamp has multiwavelength from 365-405nm with UV energy up to 20w/cm2.


  • High-quality with 2 years warranty

With our 20 years expereince in printing industry,DPL provide fast service to our clients in Europe.




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